Monday, August 20, 2007

Day 3

Greetings Friends!!
We are in Kigali now and have finally had a chance to get online! We are in a coffee shop that is owned by a man from Seattle and a man from LA. The coffee is great (I'm told - I'm a hot chocolate guy), and the food is incredible!!
Yesterday we met a man named Francois who shared with us his story about being in exile during the genocide, during which time his mentally ill father died after many failed attempts at help. He is now struggling to survive, and praying that God will bring him a wife. He is also working a book which he is going to be sharing with us when he is finished.
Today (Monday) we met with a non-denominational church called Agape Community Church. They bought a large parcel of land for a new building - they paid only $3,600 US!! They were surprised that we could only buy a cheap, old car for that!
The team is getting along very well, and we can tell that you are praying for us back at home. We have been very moved by the stories that have been shared with us. To hear first hand accounts from men and women who survived the 1994 genocide, and the wars prior to that, has been very moving.
This morning we visited with a group of Christians who all work at the largest hospital in the country. They shared stories of healing and of people coming to know our Lord through their ministry there.
I preached at a church on Sunday, and Becky, Brian, Brianna, and Paul taught Children's Church. Paul's balloon animals were a huge hit!! Becky and Brian shared this morning at the hospital, and the others will be sharing soon.
Becky is still not feeling great, but the rest of seem to have gotten over our sicknesses. Please continue to pray for our health and for the ministry opportunities that are coming up for us. Tomorrow we are going to Nyamata to minister to women who were raped during the genocide, many of whom have been infected with HIV. We will be sharing our testimonies, as well as hearing their stories.
I personally have felt very blessed by our time here and am so thankful for the team that God has privileged me to travel with. I also feel blessed to know that you at home are praying for us. I thank the Lord for hearing our prayers! Please do not forget to minister to our families while we are here! They need your love and support (and maybe the occasional meal!)
We hope to provide you another update soon, and we thank you for your comments! It is great to have some contact with our own culture.
Many Blessings,


skydyvrWA said...

Greetings, from Paul! I can't post on the blog (it belongs to Kevin, he's the only one can post) but thought I would add my two cents (or, if you like, 10 rwandan francs) worth. In the states, we see all kinds of ministries where the seeds are sown - groups like Compassion International, Salvation Army, World Vision, and Samaritan's Purse. I'm here to tell you that I have seen even in the last few days where the fruits of those donations are harvested. Those efforts are honored, the results are multiplied by love and prayer, and the results are real!!! Keep us in your prayers as the trip continues. God keep you, those we love, until our return!

cactusboy53 said...

Hello to Paul, Kevin & gang. I am pleased to see that you are all safe and doing well.

I'll keep praying for your "soul harvest" there and your safe return home.

Paul -- I have a SEA over night on Sept. 24th. I get in late on the 24th. Lunch w/ Gib on the 25th??


Daryl said...

Great to hear from you all, even though you are all being blessed by the people you are meeting, I am sure they are even more blessed to have you there, sharing your prayers, time and service to them, You are all truely servants of the Lord, and I pray you will always see our God at work as you submit to his leading.
My God bless your trip and give you strength.

Daryl and Donna.....