Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Dear Friends,

First of all, THANK YOU for your comments! It is encouraging for us all to know that we still have connections in the states! And thanks to Becky, I have now been able to add Paul as a poster, so you will be getting both of our comments! Now about our last couple of days:

Monday and Tuesday have now gone, and we are finishing up our day in the Bourbon CafĂ© – the only place in Kigali with FREE wireless internet! All you have to do is order a drink! Wow – that sounds bad, but we’re just talking coffee, people!

Monday was spent in Nymata with a group called Wirira, which means “Don’t cry/weep”. These are women who were widowed and raped during the genocide of 1994. We joined them for songs and sharing, where Brianna and Paul gave their testimonies and Brian preached. After, we had an absolutely incredible time of prayer. Even though it was not translated for us, we could truly feel the Spirit of God at work. It was awesome.

When we concluded with the prayer service, we went on to a hall to have a meal and hear testimonies from the ladies. It was a very moving experience as woman after woman share their horrible stories of torture and rape. One woman showed us her scars from the machetes that struck her – one on her back was actually a burn because the man put the machete into boiling hot water before he struck her. The fact that these women can have hope and faith in spite of these circumstances is evidence of God’s amazing and all-powerful Spirit.

Today we went to a group called Duharanire Ubwiyange, which means “Strive for Unity.” This is a group of men and women who have come together to minister to one another in spite of the fact that there are both victims and perpetrators of the genocide in the group. We heard the testimony of a man named Elijah who murdered three people during 1994. Then Gastou and Celestine shared their testimonies, and revealed that Elijah killed or was party to the killing of their families. I saw what genuine forgiveness looks like in that moment. What could I ever face that I cannot follow in their example of forgiveness? Becky shared from her heart a message about living in such a way as to bring about the Kingdom of God in the present. Brianna and Paul followed with testimonies.

Then we were able to share a meal with them – the meal that the members of Valley View donated for at the church picnic. It was a good time of fellowship and we were able to hand out toys and t-shirts. It was truly a blessed time.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we are going to the street kids’ school and ministering at a rural hospital. Friday we are going to be working with Mercy Ministries in a day-long seminar which we are conducting. During our lunch break, however, we are going back to King Faisal Hospital (the largest hospital in Rwanda), to minister to the patients with the ministry team there.

Saturday is Expo Day!! The Expo is a gathering of many shops and cultural events all in one place. There are booths galore, and we are going to SHOP!! If you have any special requests, now is the time to post a comment! :-)

Thank you for remembering us in your prayers. We are all healthy again and are looking forward to the next few days. Sunday is going to be a big day for me personally, as I have been “booked” as the key-note speaker for a crusade. I have no idea what that exactly means, but I am to speak on the Power of the Cross. Pray that I will be empowered and guided by the Spirit and that many will receive the message of the gospel.


April said...

Hey Bri,
Again we all miss you. And Tigs has not died yet. I started to read your comment and I could not get through it. I am leaving today (Wednesday) for camping. I am going to try and talk to you during camping, but no promises. I miss you soo much. I will talk to you soon fav. sis. I love you a lot! Bye!

April said...

Oh ya!
I forgot to tell you. There is a new tradition in the family. Since your gone on vacation, I get all your presents! Therefore I'm shipping you off every summer! Love you!

june said...


Kevin, thank you so very much for including us so intimately with the group's ministries. We so very much enjoy reading the posts and viewing the photos of the day to day activities.

The recent post regarding forgiveness was so powerful. It is so easy to get consumed by our daily experiences ... and so easy to forget to give pause and reflection. Your post about forgiveness really is a testiment to the grace of God.

Thank you for helping to share with us - here back in the states the power and influence of the group's experiences.

Brianna, I am so very proud of you. How wonderful that you are in Rwanda sharing your experiences and being open to the experiences of others. I can hardly wait for your return to hear and learn more about your experiences and how they are influencing you.

Brianna - you are so loved, and so missed.